UKMT Challenges



1. You can attempt the questions in any order.

2. You should only use blank or lined paper for rough working; squared paper, calculators and measuring instruments are forbidden in the real Challenge.

3. Do not expect to finish the whole paper in the time allowed. The questions in this paper have been arranged in approximate order of difficulty with the harder questions towards the end. You are not expected to complete all the questions during the time. You should bear this in mind when deciding which questions to tackle. 

4. Scoring rules: 

There is no scoring for the practice Challenge, however the scoring for the 25th Anniversary Challenge are as follows:

1 mark is awarded for each correct answer.

0 marks are awarded for blank or wrong answers.

In this paper you will not lose marks for getting questions wrong.

5. The questions on this paper are designed to challenge you to think, not to guess. You will gain more marks, and more satisfaction, by doing one question carefully than by guessing lots of answers. This paper is about solving interesting problems, not about lucky guessing.

25th Anniversary Practice Challenge - 25th Anniversary Practice Challenge

During this practice challenge you will receive immediate feedback on your answer.

(During the official challenge you will not see whether you have answered a question correctly or not.)